Music has produced many famous artist and some of those happen to share a hometown similar to Dinero Dollaz. While growing up in Brooklyn, New York comes with a certain standard with making music. Rapping and creating music was never what he ever dreamed in a million years he would be doing. That all changed the day he got invited to a open mic and did good on his first attempt. He was then motivated by his friend who was a musician at the time to take it more seriously. Starting with a microphone and a tape deck he quickly built his own studio. The knowledge he learned from school helped with using the computer to create music. As a result that helped and motivatated him to go and created his own label called Tadaw Records.

Originally in a group called the “Young Bosses”, he eventually became a solo artist. His first rap name was Knowledge but he eventually change it to “Dinero” a name his manager gave to him at the time. He is multi talented in many fields, book smart as well as street smart all combined to create the rapper Dinero Dollaz. He has a unique voice such as other rappers like Jadakiss, Eminem and Fabolous.

Watching the moves of other rappers such as Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent to name a few, Dinero Dollaz is on the path to establish himself as both a business man and also an artist. He is an individual artist and can stand out in his own shadows as say a Kanye West and a Kendrick Lamar. He has a very unique voice that easily sets him apart from others the way someone like jadakiss would and can be very versatile musically in different genres such as Rap, Hip-Hop and Rnb.

Album – “Hot Temper” available now 2016
Music can be found on Youtube, ITunes, Spotify, Tidal, Mtv, YouTube, Datpiff, Reverb Nation, etc
Category: Rap
Genre: Hip-Hop

Soundcloud: Dinero Dollaz
Twitter: @DineroYB
Twitter: @YoungBosses

Dinero Dollaz Rap Music Image